Hello, hey it’s me again


Hey, it’s me again
Seems like we never stop talking
I get your point
Do ya have to make me cry
Seems she suffers
I cry
Thought men didn’t cry
Guess it’s the frustration
I seem to take back
Everything I give you
Forgive me
You you I thank
With every fiber of my being
For her
For her love
For your love
Watching her
Quietly accepting the #wildfire
Into her body
Knowing it will singe
Every cell
Release her hair
Defeat her appetite
Make it hard to go on
Sitting there
She talked with other cancer survivors
She shared optimism about
About her own fight
There it goes again
Dang it
Can’t seem to avoid Em
These waterworks
I thank you
She is my rock
You are our salvation
Through you
Everything is possible
I know
We will make it through
Just wish
Just pray
It is me
Me that takes the #wildfire
Me that looses my hair
Me that suffers
Why do the good suffer
Should I not be the one
Never been a saint
But I know
You have a plan
And I’m your man
Just please
Don’t make me cry so much
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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