Hello, thought I’d catch you early

Thought I’d catch you early
She’s going in for the first one
First of six wild-fire sessions
Chemo will slice through her
Separating cancer cells from healthy
Once every three weeks
My love
Will submit her form
To doctors plans
A wildfire is ignited in her body
Cutting through her
The flames scorching everything
When finished
Life returns
Up from the ashes
I thank you
Like a meadow after the fire
She’ll feel less
Less a woman
Less human
She’ll still be beautiful
Nothing can take that away
Beauty begins in the heart
And that’s where our love
Our love has its start
I thank you
For her strength
For her will
For her determination
For her peace
Yes she has a peace
Standing before the fires of change
She has a peace
I thank you
Oh and amen


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