Hello, singing praises I return

Singing praises I return to you
Offering thanks
For all you do
Tomorrow wild fire begins
Tonight hope for mother
Rewarded for her own fight
Still bound in a hospital gown
She’ll rehab and rebound
I thank you
Hours at her side
I transfer now
To my wife
And her cancer fight
A prize fighter should be in this shape
Tired yet still on my feet
My love will soon receive
Flaming fluids for cancers fight
Wild fire will course through each vein
Seeking rouge cells to claim
Taking no prisoners
Answering no quarter
Her days will grow shorter
Her strength may fade
Follicles release
Appetites decrease
But still she’ll return
Seeking thus fire
For her cancer to burn
I thank you
Her spirit is strong
Mine worn
Will carry on
She us my rock
You are my anchor
In this fight
Hope and faith
In our savior
I thank you
For each course
Each fire
Each renewal
For my love
The one I desire
Hairless form
Cancer free
What a beautiful sight
All might see
Waiting for her first
Of six total
Burning out the cancer
I thank you
Oh and amen


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