Hello, you have my attention

You have my full attention now
I cannot get any closer
Than you have me know
I hurt for those I love
For those who cannot help
I thank you
Thank you for this challenge
Sitting here
With a hospitalized loved one
Watching her trembling form
Anxieties waves wracking her brain
Eyes wide with fear
Unable her thoughts to share
Single phrases
Thoughts leap from her lips
Worn from worry
My love sleeps alone
Her father the same in his home
What waits for me
What challenge
What great work
Will you with me
Don’t tell me
Not sure I’m strong enough
Bear with me
This is a lot
For a simple man
I thank you
For your plan
For making me
More than I am
I thank you
For healing words
Hands of faith
Hopes living peace
I thank you
For this night
For mornings welcome light
I thank you
For this faith challenge
Forgive me in my weakness
If I falter
Or fail
I thank youFor being
The wind in my sails
Thank you
Oh, and amen


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