Hello, hearing your approach I’ve returned

Hearing your approach I’ve returned
Returned to
To see what now lies in store
For a bride
A groom
Best friends
Hearing your voice
Hearing each step
Rolling as thunder
Through a trembling vineyard
Your breath refreshes
Renews tired hearts
Fear fills unattended places
Between dawn
Between evening
When silence overtakes the day
Then I pray
Give her strength
Greater than Sampson
Wisdom greater than Solomon
Give her peace
Greater than Eden’s first day
We now pray
Always praying
Forever in your heart
Seeking your will
Before her tears start
Of the unknown
The loss
Taken from her
Her surety
Her femininity challenged
Yes still she walks with you
Her prayers
Her thoughts
Sharing your will
I thank you
Please keep her
In the palms of your hands
Near your heart
But with me still
I love her so
And how much you know
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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