Hello, hours of silence return me

Hours of silence return me to you
So busy I couldn’t listen
Couldn’t hear your hearts words
Felt a gentle nudge
Then heard the first word
Caught you in mid sentence
You’d been talking
As usual I’d not been listening
I thank you
For answered I’d not sought
For trials I’ve only just caught
For healing your blood bought
Thank you
Hearing her prayers
Seeing her tears
Knowing with you she shares
And for us both you care
Your will be done
She’s smiling
Smiling and laughing
With her friends having fun
I’m listening
I know you are
How will you answer
How will I ask
Let me say
Thank you
That this moment
This moment forever
Will last
In bright eyes
Framed by her smiling face
Victory over fear
Your loves erased
Thank you
Oh and amen

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