Hello is now a good time

Is now a good time for a chat
Knowing how busy you are
Just wanted to say
Thank you
For this beautiful woman
My best friend
The love of my life
My strong wife
Watching each day
Listening to her say
Oh, you know it’s a flesh wound
A little sore praise god a little sore
I know what strength is
I see what hope is
I see you in her eyes
I see you in her action
I hear you in her words
Mine are less grand
But you know my heart
We can there start
She’s ready for chemo
Then I am as well
You can tell
I don’t have to say
I hurt for her
I’m tired for her
I love her
As I love you
With all my heart
All my soul
Every fiber of my being
I thank you
So much
Thank you
For this slow healing
We are learning so much
About each other
And you
Thank you
Oh, and amen


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