Hello, for her I’ve returned

For her I’ve returned
Passing new wounds
On a pieced cut form
But you know wounds
You’ve felt the thorns of life
Carried rough splinter laden sins
On your back
You know the taunts
Of those who calked you king
But she has not
I pray for you peace
Peace for her heart
Fear forms in unexpected tears
Never refusing this burden
Almost welcoming the faith challenge
Still I see it in her blue green eyes
Some part of her
With each procedure….dies
She holds to her hope
Faith in this furnaces approach
I thank you
Forever in your debt
For her
I thank you
For this charge
To better my prayers
Open further this heart
Loose selfish desire
Seeing her smile
At a child’s prayer
At a nieces thought
For a moment
She’s cancer free
Not fettered by ports
Or chemotherapy
I thank you
Prayers slip of her silky lips
Woven by a godly woman’s tongue
Hers returns peace to me
Peace granted her by you
You will see us through
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
I thank you
Oh and amen


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