Hello before nights return

Before nights return I’m here
Beating away it’s terrors
One prayer at a time
Listing my wants and wishes
Along with my life’s crimes
Standing no more
Kneeling here on this floor
Thanking you
Praising you
From you all strength flows
From your her strength grows
Form you peace shows
I thank you
Waiting for failure
Watching success we are blessed
Seeing hazel eyes smile
From deep inside
Through pains core
Far stronger than I
Is she
I thank you
Hers is the painful path
Her joy fills me
When I see all she endures
All she has lost
Will lose
Are my strength
I thank you
Not what tomorrow brings
But today
Strolling along a lake path
Enjoying suns fading light
Stars chasing fire flies
Wind whispering through branches
Calling your name
Singing your praises
As we playfully stroll
Along your pool
I thank you
For this life filled
With hopes and dreams
Not Tears and pity
I thank you
Oh and amen


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