Hello, kneeling in gratitude

Kneeling in gratitude I’ve returned
As you expected
Silence is never quiet
As when it’s used to hush
Hush your needs with your wants
White noise
Each canceling the other
Knowing this heart
Hearing its wants
For this
I thank you
Seeing my love in anxieties grip
Hearing her needs
Outweighed by others attitudes
Seeing the glow leave her eyes
As struggling to understand
She others meanings to understand tried
Can this life be greater than
Than these simpletons
Then returning the glow with
With wisdom returns
Life she says
She says that life is the journey
Bu more
It is the side trips
That make the journey
Not the destination
But the side trips
I thank you lord
Once again
Her strength renews me
Knowing her strength is from you
Growing in your glow
Staring into the son
Warming in your glow
Never burned
Only renewing
Only enriching
Only full filing
Is the sons warming rays
I thank you
She is growing
Growing closer to your walk
And I follow
Knowing not the destination
Only that
That another side trip
Soon will come
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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