Hello, way too early

Way to early I’m back
Didn’t think we’d be
Be talking this much
Guess others need
Need to hear us too
Is it ever too early
Too early to talk with you
Should always find the time
Time to listen
Time to share
Time for tears
Knowing my heart
As you do
Seems you’d answer
Answer before I ask
But as a child
The parent waits
Waits for the moment
When a hand is wanted
Then needed
I thank you
Thank you
For waiting
For doing
Doing what I cannot
Relieving her pains
Relieving her fears
Taking this cancer
Cutting with few scars
Helping others
Through our trials
Witnessing these lives
Witnessing these trials
Thank you
Thank you for allowing us
Us two
And our friends and family
As faith trials together
Hard is the heart
Unable to see your work
Heart is the heart unwilling
To share
Heard is the heart unwilling
To care
For you you are here
In each heart
I thank you from the start
As hair falls away
Flesh rendered and rebuilt
Lives forever changed
Just as the day
Into our lives you came
I thank you
I thank you
Oh and amen


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