Hello, before sleep I call

Before sleep I’ve come to call
Just wanted to thank you
Thank you for my live
And all
All those who stand with us
Stand along side us
In prayer
And when she is there
Her strength is great
But on you I have to call
I can move mountains
And men
But I cannot take
Take her pain from within
Grant me what I need
May always your voice I heed
Taking none for granted
Giving more than given
Thank you
Watching her
I see you
See your love in action
See your hope renewing
See your faith in us
Continually reborn
I thank you
On you I call
For in you
In you are we complete
She needs me know
Getting ready for sleep
She is getting better
The next steps
They are hard
But she’s already given
Given flesh
Now begins the healing
With this we
With you are dealing
Thank you
Lord, thank you
For this trial she us completing
Bringing me along
To chronicle
Her songs
Songs of praise
As she carries on
Thank you for her
Thank you
Oh, and amen


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