Hello, willful and wanting

Willful and wanting I return
Asking for things unearned
And thanking you
Those, these things given
Your will not mine sought
These souls blood has bought
Still hearts hurt
Pained by cancers theft
Theft of peace
Though, I thank you
Always I thank you
For each trial
Each pain
Yet hers are harder
Harder to refrain from calling your name
In anger not praise
Then her healing we witness
The scars but chest deep
Leaving a marked trace
On this strong beating heart
You knew her strength
From the start
Wanting your will
Ready to fight
Tooth and nail
We thank you
Always seeking your will
We thank you as steps we gain
On this life draining cancer
Chest filled with desire
Empty of flesh not life’s fire
She holds life’s glow
For she knows where you go
We thank you
Forever and again
We seek your will
As with you we stand
Thank you
Oh, and Amen


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