Hello, sleepless hopeful back

It’s sleepless hopeful back again
Long was this night
But her strength returns
Fretfully slow
Ageless glow of hope in her eyes
Night wears hard on her
Eyes fluttering with each alarm
Pulses taken
But, you I’m thanking
Thanking that her pain fades
Fades with a sleepless nights passing
Renewed is her hope
Faith filled desires
Of others she worries
I thank you for her
Thank you for this love
Yours and ours
Light fills her room
Slumbering eyes retreat
Behind tired lids
Lashes fluttering
Alarms failing her mind to capture
Sleep here
She us soundly raptured
Thank for the room
For the air
The words pulling us from gloom
Tired I sit
Watching her breathing lips part
Peace fills this heart
I thank you lord
For with you
Healing starts
Thank you
Oh, and Amen


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