Dusk’s blanket

Dusk’s blanket casts shadows across the the lawn. Spots of flickering lights flitter above dew glistening blades. A souls worries with the light fade with days passing. Un-pinned fears flight sweeps into the approaching night. Lips release forgotten hopes on prayerful breaths. Another hurts for a love unable to rest. Godly hands relieving earthly strains. […]

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Hello, here to talk again

Hello Here to talk again Another day has come and gone. Her pain has lessened. Her fears, somewhat under control. Humor fills her soul. She sounds better than before. Her thoughts brighten others steps. Thank you for the trial. Thank you for the humility. Thank you for a hearts renewal. Tough are the times ahead. […]

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Hello, it’s….Me….

Hello It’s… Me… I know you hear me. I know you hear everyone. I know you heal with a word. I know you don’t bring pain. I know you don’t bring fear. But, it’s what the physicians words bring that we fear. Hearing the need to remove one breast. To irradiate the chest and area […]

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Hello, yep again and again

Hello Yep, me again, again… Days sweeping into night and I thought I’d visit with you again. In the fires of this imagination I see us in a peaceful walk. No hurt, no frustration, no fear… Just us, walking here. Hearing what was and what will be. Just you me and she, we make three. […]

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What thoughts

What thoughts fill your mind as on your form they draw lines? Listening to social chatter, filtering between words that to you matter. What thoughts fill your mind as hands stem cancers tide? Pressures sting recent wounds as crimson and white stage a fight. What thoughts fill your mind as a physician prepares you for […]

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Hello sitting here

Hello Sitting here again, waiting for the plan. Not impatient, tired. She’s doing better as you know. Not so tired as before. One day better than the rest. Two weeks, two surgeries can wear a body out. She’s better. So am I. Just wanted to chat while we wait. Waiting for the latest test. Learning […]

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Hello, busy again

Hello Been a little busy, but it’s me again. Learned how to distract the worry, a little extra work. Learned better how to give my worries back to you. Seems I keep pulling them back.. You’d think I’d learn… But keeps me talking to you. Seems to be best. Your hope fills me with such […]

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His name

His desires ushered lives beginnings. His hopes fulfilled in your dreams. His wants seeing you succeed. His favor a need. His love the seed. His wishes your path fills. His name father. His legacy, you. WAM

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Hello, heavy heart

Hello Coming back around, it’s me again. A heavy heart holds my conversation tonight. The load grows with each event. Nothing more than we can handle I know. Creating my own stress. I must confess, we create our own duress.. We enjoyed a mid day nap after friends with us dined. Another joined us to […]

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