Hello, u-huh, me again

Hello U-huh, me again. Spending a lot of time in thought. Thinking about what was. What is. Not so much what will be. Tomorrow is not as important as today. I know, you told me that. Takes cancers knife to reveal it. So this tomorrow is important. We’ll learn more of what’s in store. But, […]

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Hello, us in silence again

Hello It’s us, again. Tempting..isn’t it, silence! When the day turns way from you. When everything seems bent on frustration. When even your own words stir fear. Tempting…to be silent. To say nothing. To ask nothing. To share nothing. Silence is not golden. This very heart screams to release frustration. This soul cries above a […]

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Hello, me and a few others

Hello Yep,yep…me and few others back again Wow, watch what you ask for. Once I prayed for patience. Obviously didn’t need a second verse. Let’s see… Father’s Day sans the kids. My love…you know, needs a healing touch. Last Sunday the cold air turned hot. This Sunday the hot water went cold. Oh well. Great […]

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He is there

He is there when back from the mirror I stare. Regardless his path, wreck less at best. His wishes I’ve bested with each of his challenges tested. His words fill my heart all these years we’ve been apart. He is there when back from the mirror I stare. I see my father there. I miss […]

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Hello, I’m here … Again

Hello I’m here again… Got a great call today. My little brother’s coming in. Flying my mother as well. Sis-n-law, rocked last time, back again. Just to sit with my love. Soothing her hurt, like your words from above. I must thank you for these doves I cannot thank you enough for each angel. For […]

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Left for me

You left it for me between receipts and notes. Two slips of paper written in a dark moment. You left it for me alongside an empty wallet. Two tear filled strips of hope laced with memorial desires. You left it for me alongside rings and things. Two lines at a time requesting a heavenly chorus. […]

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