Hello, time again

Hello Time again. It’s me, #pinkmantoes Taking it up a notch Notice anything today? Seems I’m not out of the emotional wake yet. Sweeping waves flash over my love Swelling about my heart. Sinking and saving Words grow as hope fills this heart. Then Then I thank you. Thank you for the challenge Thank you […]

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Hello, #pinkmantoes for Teena

Hello It’s #pinkmantoes for Teena Yep Me again. In with both feet. Holding nothing back. What ever I can do I’ll do For my love And those with breast cancer Cancer, pink it Thank you for this week Thank you for all we seek. Seeking your will Seeking your peace Thank you for this challenge […]

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Hello yes

Hello Yes I’m back. Nothing you wouldn’t do for us. Nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Nothing I can say will chase her pain. Still to you I come. Thanking you I am here tonight for her. Hearing her words with you. Watching her spirits Dip and soar But her words with you Continue with […]

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Troubles manifested

Troubles manifested in revelations of an invasive assault resolves old feuds. Watch as cancer returns a families unity if only for a while. See as lost friends and strangers approach in prayer and hope. Cancer doesn’t claim what we have it returns often what we lost. Stand with those whose Pink moment is now. Remain […]

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Hello, pink toes

Hello It’s me mr. Pink toes Yep, she’s never far from my mind. Neither are you Spent time with an Oncologist Learned a lot Lots about her More about me We’ll see See lots more of doctors More of each other Our friends Family Can I thank you any more For each challenge Each chance […]

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Normal Just breath normal Nice deep breaths in and out Words Cold metal pressed to tender flesh Your family history Fears Did you feel the mass Could not feel anything Questions On paper wrapped vinyl Clicking hands winding up time. Wosh, Wosh of pressure rising in red. Thoughts Well need you in a month Fast […]

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Simmering thoughts

Simmering thoughts of loss and anger. Rewards bound in frustrations thorny branches. Unable or unwilling, pain or requiem clouds success view. What is this heart but meat filleted with cancers callus blade. Battered, bemused, sitting rough eternities of wants with one need. Idled, watching, weary and waiting as another suffers. Beyond my touch or cures […]

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