Hello, talking ears off again

Tempted to talk your ears off
On a prayer that
That will never end
Hard come her words
Between fears tears
Listening to what isn’t said
What is
I thank you
Thank you for putting me here
Here for her
Time with others filters her anxieties
But dulls them not
Seeping between realities wants
And cancers desires
This words you give
I share
Dare I not your if they stop
Thank you lord for my love
Hard is a human heart on the verge
Edge of knifes redacting touch
Simple words offer much
I love you seems so pale
But it’s comfort her heart swells
Can you tell
I can
I’m not the man I was
When first we learned
Never he again will I be
For that matter she
She is not the same
The same as before
Never again but better
Though she’ll not admit
Frail comes her quivering
Wants as fear creeps in and taunts
Hard as steel driven by desire
Freedom from cancers curse
But what you want lord
That is always first
Weakly stand I before you
Thanking you
Seeking you
Your will be healing
My want your need
A cloud still shields my dreams
Not seeing her tomorrow
It seems
But it is only fear
Fear that cancer is stealing
Stealing someone dear
Running away again
I forget to thank you
Thank you for this challenge
This grace that holds our faith
For her sake
I thank you
For me
She, and you I need
Forgive my failures
And, I thank you
Oh, and amen

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