Hello, tired heart here

Tired heart here
And there
Sweeping frustration away
Till it blows back over us
Carried on silences currents
For her a word
Offered in prayer
Actions simple
Cleaning the floors
Folding clothes
And putting them away
Activity staves away her anxiety
Bound with hope fill her spirit
Swirling between hurt and fear
Fighting away the tears
Thank you
In few letters
Cut from daily moments
We share
What we are thankful for
Each other
Family and friends
Strangers who pray
Hands that cradle
Hurting before the blade cuts
Wanting freedom from cancers costs
Words of thanks we offer
For you
Prayer for those who see
See us through
Much to tired being this young
Faith fees us from
From under cancers gun
In the sun
With the son
We’ll return
And have fun
Till then
#pinkmantoes and she
Will keep thanking those and he
He who created and heals.
Thank you
Thank you for this threat
Thank you for on us taking this bet
Thank you
Oh, and Amen


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