Hello, time again

Time again.
It’s me, #pinkmantoes
Taking it up a notch
Notice anything today?
Seems I’m not out of the emotional wake yet.
Sweeping waves flash over my love
Swelling about my heart.
Sinking and saving
Words grow as hope fills this heart.
Then I thank you.
Thank you for the challenge
Thank you for this moment.
Hold her fear
Take from her this anxiety.
Bring her smile back.
I know
You hold them all
Us all.
And I thank you
Her love never leaves
Just as yours
It grows with each new moment
I thank you
You carry my love
As she approaches another time
Cutting cancers spine.
She is mine
Do with me as you will
Still not her heart with pain
Use me lord.
I challenge men,
Pink your toes for
Women that cancer knows.
For July healing begins
Then the pink ends.
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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