Hello, I’m here … Again

I’m here again…
Got a great call today.
My little brother’s coming in.
Flying my mother as well.
Sis-n-law, rocked last time, back again.
Just to sit with my love.
Soothing her hurt,
like your words from above.
I must thank you for these doves
I cannot thank you enough for each angel.
For all the love they share.
The friends you send here.
I know not the reason for this pain.
I know not why she’s the one.
I know for all I’ve done could I not trade with her?
I know your answer will make sense.
But till then it’s hard to understand.
But you are my lord.
And I am your man.
Can we share any more than right here?
Dearly I hold each promise.
Promise I made on the alter.
From here till the end.
Whatever quest to me you send.
I’ll take each task.
Please let this love last.
Taking her pain.
From her the fear you drain.
For her I pray your peace she’ll gain.
Tonight I will only say.
Please keep her with me till the end of days.
It’s all I can pray.
Heal her today.
Thank you lord.
Thank you my friend.
I love you both, with no end.
Oh, and Amen


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