Hello, wanting

Yep, the needy ones back.
Well, how about the wanting one..
Not much…
She had a good night, not like the last surgery.
She seems in a much better mood this morning.
Reality of the needs for radiation and chemo are still on her mind.
But she’s joking and poking fun at me.
That’s the woman I love.
Never been so happy as to wake up with her smiling at me.
Your snoring sounds funny, she says.
Trying to tell her it’s my sleep serenade.
Not buying it.
So much I want to say.
You know my heart.
You hear from others.
A cured body is a good start.
Don’t ask for much.
You say the word and cancer is just that, a word.
For reasons only you know.
We are here and when tomorrow shows…
Well, we’ll see. Let’s live with today’s promise.
Yesterday’s us passed, and tomorrow is for dreamers.
We have faith.
Faith in your plan…
We thank you..
And, oh, amen…


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