Life’s hammer

Repeatedly life’s hammer falls upon,
once rigid now time worn malleable nails
Pounding each till bent under its will.
Seeing only the slit twist and pull as blows,
unevenly land about the scared head.
Mercilessly they fall on all, even those who on him call,
We know the answer, but accept them just the same.
Repeatedly life’s hammer rains fear upon us all,
Never forget in the pain on whom to call.
Lost in the hurt, senseless and numb,
We forget who frees us from life’s repeated blows..
We know, we know and still forget on him to call.
When life’s hammer continues to fall.
Call, call, with each successive fall, on Jesus call.
He softens the blow, ask us, we know…
We have the scars to show, to him well continue to go…


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