Hello yep…

Yep, me again.
How comes your plan today?
Yes I know I shouldn’t ask, just curious,
The night was longer than the hours in which it was cast.
But, you knew that already.
I’m seeing some of what you have in store for her and me.
We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to come
We have you and each other.
Not to mention all the friends and family helping and praying.
Just, sometimes it seems like she’s the nail and life’s a hammer.
I just ask, if I cannot be the nail, will you soften the blow on her?
Not much, you know my heart.
I’m jealous of our time, but it has moved us closer to you.
Thank you for these blessings, all of them.
We are getting to know our friends and family so much better.
Even strangers reach out to you..
I see..yes I see…
You got this Jesus… I see now..you got this..
Gotta run..
Oh and Amen..


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