Hello there

We’ve talked a lot lately.
Knowing you have the time makes my life easier.
Everything we need you already know.
I know, I know.
So much to talk about.
Only one thing to say.
Will you stay?
With me right now.
I know you’re busy.
Just, I’m worried about her.
Love her so much.
Wish I could do something.
You know my heart is heavy.
I know. Seems we talk a lot when I’ve got a lot.
Promising well talk never works out.
We have talked a lot lately.
You now my want, is it my need?
She is… Keep her safe for me.
Bring her back to me…
You know the man who’ll take away the cancer.
You know the one who put it there don’t-cha…
You and me and she makes three…
Thank you for this little chat.
Never was good at prayer.
Glad you sat next to me in this chair..
Gotta run, she’ll be coming out soon.
Thank you Jesus.


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