Say yes

Say yes
Forgetting times wounds, releasing each thoughtless word without regard the hurt.
When before me you stand think not of other men but the one standing in your skin.
Ageless comes deaths desires for your soul which with a word could have been bought for you.
Gathering your resolve, steeling your never to have fear drain your strengths final reserves.
With clear conscious will you in this hour ask for the peace which so long over you towered.
Taking life’s finale gasp is it for your soul you ask or there fear of unknown perils you are bound.
Think now quickly for if it is Hells hound on your sent your life was misspent.
Take now as the time, the only reason to find is Christ’s love you will find.
Remember the course, steady the helm let none detour your hope for on faith you now sail.
Not for fear of hell have you this decision made, but for love in peace through him your life gave.
Stormy comes the seas, uncharted but guided still for as long as you are in the masters will.
Yes, say yes and know this peace which your heart will fill and tomorrow will matter not..
For today, together we pray and in heavens streets one day you’ll play.


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