A brother

A brother
Bound in this crumbling shroud of earth a brother here remains.
A smile fell from his lips as night his soul once claimed.
Tears dampen soils soon turned for wood and cloth bond flesh.
Gathering to remember each recalls with sorrow now in gladness’ halls.
A voice of victory, friendship and care, no longer besides, but in us here.
Leaves unfurl with springs first embrace as we return to recall his fading trace.
Apart from us he no longer stands, but in this soil within our hands.
Beneath these feet, in rows of stones quite neat, death he did cheat.
Once gone, often forgotten are those who left no mark on others, but he chose.
He chose to call us his good friends, this man held by earths grasp here in.
Green and growing as his memory we here are showing, a Live Oak planted in his name.
It was for you, and us, each one today we came, to remember a friend in more than name.
Blessed are friends, who call you the same, in life’s eternal game, we remembered and came..


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