Forever vacation

I want to have my toes in the sand, an unhooked line in the water and a crevasse in my hand… Then between the trees and the salty ocean breeze, I will take a stand… Living with memories, writing memoirs and sipping rummy drinks…. Life with out phones, a long sandy beach home… When can […]

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Tom Finn

Farewell my trusted friend, who’ll edit your final package, who’ll cut that last track, a winged editor has your back.. Hours you’d pace between images you faced, finding the right sound as each together you bound… Night after night, year after year, always there, swiveling to greet those with projects, your grin would meet.. Another […]

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Crushing fields

What roads through this life cross, where dreams pass, and wants are tossed… Between fields humbled in tormenting winds bow, traveling between hopes furrows… Crushing granites beneath times wheels, listening intently, knowing how it feels… Pressures mounting, long days counting, journeys completion nears, tears…. Not so much a destination have I found, treading here on […]

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Between uneven rows

Walk between uneven rows, between the stones of yesterday’s foes.. Stand where hurts crease the fallow land, hearing loss of from a weeping man… Here, where hearts fear to tread, here among the dead, find my soul… Tormented by unchanging waves of grief, born in a past deepening with each tossing roll… Kneel now, prayers […]

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Shuddering time

Shuddering blindly a crushing hearts pounds out life’s final push.. Grimacing in fear as breath races from straining lips, the end nears… Increasing with each beat, eyes blur, speech escapes, time grows close… Resting, clutching, stabbing pains in this heaving chest, all comes clear.. Misspent life, lost in fateful choices, no images born on souls […]

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Scared ribs

Flame scared ribs where homes once flourished… Ebony and crimson furrows where crops once flourished… Flesh covered skeletons struggling were a people once flourished… Angry discourse berating life, begetting hate, death now flourishes… Political ideology overshadows common sense, evil now flourishes… War’s siren sounded by impish souls, signals hell, and demons now flourish… In words […]

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Entwined in dreams willing arms I still lay, dreading the break of day… Secure in thoughts grand memories gain, fearing not mornings refrain… Choruses course born of hearts unions for us, in nights flowing streams… Images, faces, places once in dream, unable days return soon from memory flee… Flowing strands, raven locks pass quickly through […]

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