When asked to explain a new Hash-tag on my Twitter- I thought I’d share with everyone—you may have some to add…

It afflicts those gathering as much as those watching the news.
When News so overwhelms your senses your unable to bring in or release new information.
You are walking in a Zombie like trance, accepting whatever people hand you and tell you…
Your next moment is a Post Traumatic News Disorder moment. #PTND

#PTND Post traumatic news disorder, kicking news like a can along the street, recovering from a breaking news week

#PTND, that oppressive feeling that no matter what has already happened- something bigger is about the occur.

#PTND, Post traumatic news disorder, your leads all week bleed, and you find a cute duck story sitting in your Friday lead slot—

#PTND, post traumatic news disorder, flipping from tragedy to calamity with a smile all the while disgusted with each word read, reading on.

#PTND, post traumatic news disorder, after the big story, you’re introduced as “he covered West,” or as the “West bureau chief.”

#PTND, post traumatic news disorder, manifests in the heart when dark news matter outweighs the light. Ending on a happy puppy story, helps

#PTND, Crews weary of events, winding down town’s coverage, satellite city a thing of the past. Everyone’s mobile live packs.

#PTND, it comes in waves, while subsiding, the news seas we are riding, frustrations rise and fall, what story can you recall. WAM

#PTND, when the News you’ve been watching, covering, part of, becomes white noise. Post Traumatic News Disorder.

#PTND, Flinging news crews, like spaghetti, toward a news wall. Hoping one will stick, proving it’s worthiness to be consumed.

#PTND- post traumatic news disorder. Eyes glazed over from weeks working a major story, then asked for another unreported story.

#PTND–Stumbling through the day, ferreting through news items. After weeks of big news. Realize I have PTND-Post Traumatic News Disorder

W. Allen Manning

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