Between walls of isolated noise a clap denies breaths last gasp being heard.
Watching without knowing a descending form lifeless growing.
Cold come the stairs of those there as in a moment of madness a life ends in others despair.
For one, pain here no linger remains. But this decision like hail on countless others still rains. What thoughts fill a mind, from a heart in anger or loss can Devine. That hopeless from options only one is made clear. In a moment of opportunity a fruitless gesture made clear.
Why, will never be known, for other now what will always bring them home.
Wondering how close others are now, to the hour, the clap, life’s last breath and a cold slab on which to rest.
A prayer for the worst, and the best… We must remember and never fate test. Offering our hands to strangers, oblivious not to their distress. Soothing a hurting heart with victories caress…WAM


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