Crops of hope

Interwoven with failures weeds, are success seeds. Here between loss and deprivation grow hopes salvation. Cast on fallow ground, lives withering unwatered by faiths parting clouds. Fears temptation, fretting discourse, fraught in feted exchanges, floundering course. Growing still under darkening skies, biting the earth, seeking to rise. Cramped, curving, seeking space, filling with the suns […]

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Unearned pride

In between the folds it began, fear, away with men’s hearts soon ran. Quartered between hysteria and hate, a generation their elders denigrate. Ripples casting aside times even measure, rumbling about caressing how’s treasure. In hours of unearned pride, liberty cried and peace died. Taken in small measures, belittled freedoms failing with life’s unchallenged weather. […]

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