Veterans Day

Empty stomachs growling cadence as foot falls squish through jungled trails.
Hurting, hoping, haunted they return from dunes, hills and hollows.
Pledged they are to seek afar the freedoms often taken for granted.
Willingly lead, many now dead as they walk still among us.
Why they serve, for those who do not deserve a single drop of heroes blood?
Who knows the heart of heroes found in uniformed battalions?
We who remain, shall gather each name of those who grind out liberties chorus.
For it is for each, who walked killing streets, that in safety the nights we now sleep.
Hold for each their due, as on cold nights they struggled through winning for you.
Not all can serve, but for those who do deserve, a place of honor for them alone reserved.
Celebrate each, from the cockpit to the kitchen seat who carried the nations flag.
Here on this day, on every freedoms day, remember each and say, thank you…thank you thank you..WAM

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