Better voting choices

Weighted is the heart tied to events now passed. Hope filled longings for what was not to be, saddened others and anguished me.
Why in the chaos of self bred corruption an electorate refuses to find in its midst candidates worthy of leadership and not just unmitigated rhetoric, continuos to confound logic.
Unless as my faith often remarks, those in need of leadership willingly follow blindly to the slaughter a goat and not the Ram we so champion.
Regardless your choice in this election, what you awoke with after the returns is what you deserve.
Tomorrow as you gather, as you cast about for new faces to vote, seek candidates worthy of a nation that holds a worlds hope.
Not its policeman, but the downtrodden’s champion, for there in such want are the faith of a people found.
Bound to goals self worth you can earn, within hard works, ethical leaders stand their ground.
Seek now what in four years you’ll elect, not what the elite offer in your ballot box you’ll not check.
Unless, you find what you have had, satisfying, gratifying with out any favors for you and for others denying.
As for me and my house, we seek another form of candidates to our votes wed, as our political spouse.
Will you thus join us in our search for another, so kings won’t return our hopes as their chattel.
Rise to he call of freedoms charge. Let none have fought or died in vain to bring us these gifts, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Find with me women and men who lead from the front and not facing our rear ends.

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