For all three

Handing up those thoughts worth sharing as others grasp for meanings worth baring. In simple phrases are found hopes these children I hope to astound. Bound by blood only our connection wishing for friendship as a father for more than a season. Sought for experience not for wants bought. Lingering guilt for things I could […]

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Civilities death

“pop, pop, pop,” shatters another nights peace as a neighborhood recoils with alarm, lives lost from ignorant angers misplaced violent arm. Not from the guns warm mussel but the soulless mind bend on wreaking havoc come the murderous calls on families black and white. Untempered hearts languishing underemployed filling with misdirected anger lashing out at […]

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Looking into his eyes

Carried there above the crowd to see the man that would be crowned each wave of green leaf and purple cloth before his donkey I saw. Saw som cast their garments down as down the street he was bound. Firm hands my ankles hold as some shouts “Hosanna behold.” looking down as back up at […]

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Could we not see

Hearing voices calling for death. Hearing each call for his head. Seven days before each called him messiah, now wanting to crucify ya…. What wonders come from he voices of man when his hopes don’t go as planned. Praising the failings, cursing success, one glorious plan now a lot of messes. Where will you stand, […]

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Good Friday

Pressing into tender crowning flesh, wound with hate and disdain sending rivulets, crimson staining the face of grace. Deep each is ground till our sins between these thorns bound setting upon his lofty brow at last there found. Lashed between words of scorn, burdened greater than man can bear, this host of hope none now […]

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Histories untold

Captured images of long gone hours working righteously in unison for a common goal now revealing only a structures heart. Bereft of souls upon which each stone was cast lay rubble and sand mixed clays. Once where children played, animals grazed as people lived out their days now lizards lounge above snake infested grounds in […]

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