We are for others

We are the examples of hope to a world without. Regardless the countless failures within our society, Americans are the greatest assemblage of creeds, religions and strengths ever gathered on this plant. It is for this society to succeed that a hungry world need for guidance should gaze. Even faulty steps forward are better than ages of immobility. Do not here apologies for being of the nation whose power is in its people and not it’s weapons however great. But celebrate and improve on the greatness of God given self determination. For a world to slip from he bonds of self imposed slavery to systems of social welfare, we as a uniform wave of sobriety are to lead rather than follow a faulty European system. Ours s the right not by birth but choice to move forward with astonishing speed toward a world of possibilities. Here were fear of failure is the driving force to succeed instead of a weight which restrains our growth. Step from the darkness of oppression. Gather those willing and vote with your minds as well as your heart for HOPE. Hope in yourself and for a greater today and brighter tommorrow. You are her, fore what ever selfish reason, here is where you build a life. Bring not your ancient hates, fears and suspicions but gather now our hopes, dreams and peace of faith in each other. W.A. Manning

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