Fear, a terrorists greatest tool. Born of hate in hurts ever heated kitchen it’s copper stenched rolling red broth overflows from scorched caldrons on discarded craniums. Within a world laced with liberty living minds are many unwitting pawns in evils ever present war of wills. Tempting plotters scour rich fields of poverties furrows harvesting soulless minions for dastard plots. Minds once enriched with knowledges seeds swayed and played by deceits angry deeds. Twisted taunts of faith from spiritless leaders send willing forms in as wars fodder. All which remains, chattel purged of self worth and wonder. Parading along ancient ways chanting challenges over fired pages of faith. Misguided, miss directed their anger is, away from power seeking fanatics in the guise of faiths leadership. Hope is in peace found not words of angry men where pain is found. Come between worlds crashing with discuss and remover hope from Jesus is just. WAM

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