“Remember, even friends fight. Four major wars with the British, two wit, two against. The French under royal rule, stood beside us to win independence… Then with us through two world wars, then all but asked us to remove our war dead in the 60’s as they spoke sweetly to socialist nations. Each our sins and passions laid bare, yet this nation, the greatest experiment in republican rule under the auspices of democracy has no greater blunder made than to underestimate those in the guise of friends who leave us in pain. Mistakes made by Republican and Democrate alike, that in search of peace we link our selves to evil less than that challenging us at the time. Remember this discussion is made possible by a constitution and bill of rights written with greater hope than any before or since. Right of free speech, keep and bare arms and the pursuit of happiness grows from mistakes that lead to understanding and union.” W A Manning (WAM)

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