Watching your

Watching your walk, gracefully stumbling into another day. Watching your hands, separating words between pen and paper written prayers. Watching your words, fill others with hope beginning cancers fight. Watching your love, fearfully strong standing in adversities face. Watching your faith, outshine the rest. Watching your hope, fill me again. Watching your will, makes us […]

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Hello trembling in expectation

Hello Trembling in expectation I’ve returned Testing faiths blessing in chaos’ tempest Turning hopelessness into victory Testifying to your grace I thank you Tender wants for my love Troubling needs unseen by others Tossed between desires Tasting defeats wrath I thank you Teasing others understanding of you To reveal what some suspected Taking what few […]

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Hello, not waiting to see

Hello Not waiting to see what’s next I return Charging into realities chaos Purging frustration with inspiration Not accepting loss Signaling victory struggles instigation I thank you Wildfire filling her heart Cannot defeat her faiths start Strong at peace This cancer with Jesus she’ll defeat I thank you Night greets her form Relenting exhaustion norm […]

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Heavy grows this

Heavy grows this chest with want Want for a night without hurt Hurt born in cancers wicked brew Brewing torment for an Angels heart Heart beating with longing Longing for nights without pain Pain from loss and wildfire Wildfires vein coursing fight Fight against rouge cells Cells defeated and replaced Replaced by hope Hope in […]

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What I see

What I see when you hurt What I hear when pain fills your breath What I find when locks slips from your sweet head What I understand when flesh gives way to steel What I know is your hearts at peace What I see is your strength What I hear is your faith What I […]

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Hello, watching her struggle

Hello Watching her struggle with the fifth of six, I’m back Kneeling at her side watching the struggle Eyes tight I a fight with wildfire Filling her body with poisons killing cells Energy ebbing as each small bag empties into her veins I thank you Working on an uplifting though As she slips into a […]

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Hello, entangled in wants

Hello Entangled in wants I return to you Needing her healing more than mine When these debts are due This heart bind I thank you Gathering every prayer With her at Wildfire we stare Seeking steps beyond this pain Beating cancer here we came Together approaching your seat Ready with you this cancer to defeat […]

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