Roaring darkness returns me to you
Thudding realities crashing in this night
Surrounding this tremoring soul
Shuttered between deepening shadows
Pained by her fright
Relief in a single light
Stronger with her words
Growing in my sight
Shedding fears impending doom
Pealing damp muster curtains of fear
Exposing hope in this room
I thank you
Bereft of understanding
Belittled by this ignoble plight
Fighting along side my wife
Another relative has found
Cancers evil sound
Wildfire soon their veins to fill
Giving another lover life’s angry chill
Crystal pinnings beneath this heart
Growing weaker with wildfires start
Losses and winnings
All the same
Life is an immortals game
Chess pieces in a universal game
Putting loves lessons to shame
I thank you
For this passion we share
Here for each other
Family and friends to care
Swing swiftly through this
Darkened cell
Release frustrations from a heart so frail
Grow the hope in love so blind
Each moment faith grows
From a chemo’d mind
Wildfires course is laid
Fringed along cancers unholy gains
Rending flesh
Pain it rains
I thank you
For the life wildfire gains
Saving my love
And those for whom I care
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Grappling among briars I return
Snared in unending trials
Glaring at frustrations crown
I fall down
Now prostrate before
Before this throne
Only blessings
Tempered by these tribulations
Ravaged by self doubt
I thank you
Gathering storms fearfully approaching
Still standing
With you as my shield
Becoming the man I should be
Pushed to the limits by her pain
Tears crash over emotions
Fear fades before her pain
We gain
Gain momentous faith
It’s blessings flow
Wanting to know
When finished
Will she regrow
Not just lovely locks
But selves teams banners
Eyes ever smiling
Lips filled with your praise
One day
I thank you
Questioning your reason
Questioning her suffering
Questions are not wrong
I thank you
Regardless her losses
She no we
Will carry on
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Frayed strands of time, Lifting on unseen eddies
Tumbling fragments dislodging elements Quarks at a time
Initiating Termination of sustainable existence
Humanities epoch defined by its demise
Simple declination of living values
Fostered by jealous desires
Want out weighs means

Freedoms call returns me to you
Kneeling in hope
Released from frustrations grip
Sipping loves sweet nectar
Waiting for wildfires return
Her words yearn
To exercise what was lost
Tastes of delicacies
Breaths without struggle
I thank you
She sings of redemption
Release from the pain
Sings of renewal
Her spirit soars again
Friends words cheer her
Family fills her needs
You fill her with faiths seeds
I thank you
From her I learn
More of your grace
More of your love
How to call on your name
These lives never to be the same
Send us
Where you will
As you prepare us
I get a chill
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Peace pushes me kneeling to you
Bound in your glorious embrace
My love
At peace with her hurts
At peace with her world
Ready for wildfires return
I thank you
She returns to you
Seeking your will
Receiving your peace
So great
It fills us with hope
Glowing like a woman filled with new life
In her exhaustion smiles
Eyes reflecting faiths strength
Offering hope for others
Praying for those
Who persecute her
Knowing this step is right
For the peace which
Fills her wonderful heart
Feeling it as well
This physical form
Only takes so much
Before in tears it shudders
To a stop
Lifting you up
Her hopes and hurts
Friends needs
Yes those who would
See her gone
She first
Then I ask for your peace
For each
And ourselves
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Yep me again
Each gathering
Then ripped
At the seams
Welcoming your hope
Welcoming for love
Welcoming your will
I thank you
For the time with her
The words with her
The strength in her
Your words on her lips
Your peace in her heart
Your love in her eyes
I thank you
Stepping away from
From others angry lives
From Deceitful actions
From stabbing Words
I thank you
For where she began
For her next steps
For her
For being her
And you
For you
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Hopeful and willing I’ve returned
Near to her heart
Here is where I start
Seeking your will
With nights welcome chill
Settling beside my love
Listening this sleepIng
Cooing dove
Pained and battered
Her will tattered
Not broken
But for hopes token
I thank you
Seared with wildfires strokes
Her form tender
Sore from this war
Each battle a new scar
Though often unseated
She shows us her strength
From your love it seeps
I thank you
As we through this grow
Our love for you
Each other
And others
We willingly show
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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