Alone in turmoil I return
Groveling for what I Cannot earn
Yearning for pain free hours
Knowing it is possible with your power
Sinking Despair riddles my heart
Rendering my prayers mute from the start
I thank you
Words fill my soul
Gathering force ready to take toll
On the cancer that torments her body
On your will I continually lobby
I thank you
Alone still in my want
Forgetting what it is from me you want
Fearing to fail this latest test
Loathing reproach of those who know me best
I thank you
Your blessings fill me with peace
Till I see her unable hers retreat
Before wildfires latest onslaught
I remember with your blood these lives are bought
On you I stand
You leading us through this land
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonder so grand.
Living between sheets and conquests.
Looking for ways to other men best.
Hard and hansom driven by fate.
Unable his desires to sate.
Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonders so grand.
Capturing maidens from Dragons for his bed.
Slaying their wills each for a thrill.
Turning away his family and friends
Unfocused and chaotic his last days he could not stand.
Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonders so grand.
Like him I sought to be a son of one mighty as he.
Till his fall from grace like a stone.
Sinking into drink and doubt of self always alone.
Witnessing the fall I stand and recall.
Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonders so grad.
I will be more than the man I currently am.
I will life with Heavens direction not mans.
I will, I am following Gods plan.

Enveloped by hope I return
Understanding better her turn
Seeing her carriage of this trial
Adjusting to chaos with a smile
I thank you
Pride falls first
Daily challenges fill a growing list
Tears for her every pain
Faith from you is our gain
I thank you
Wildfire on the morrow returns
Seeking cancer throughout her body it burns
Watched by others she endures
Knowing from you comes this cure
Struggling to breath the pressures great
She has but two more after this date
I thank You
She’s made it so far
Her spirit battered but not scared
Faith is its own reward
As long as it’s kept in the one true Lord
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Are there in your world words you cannot hide?
Do they come from the heart or simply live on your lips?
While others struggles with infuriating clips.
You single out those closest to you with torpedoing slips.
Regardless your intent in friendship you must fail.
At a time when hearts struggle with pain quit real.
Hearing your thoughts openly you let sail.
See how words callous and underling truly feel.
Hidden in a heart jaded by life anger fills your world with strife.
One word will I offer forever and a day.
Till I know peace displacing your hate has come to stay.
For you as others I will continually pray.
Yes the word that I offer is simple and pure.
Bought by a saviors blood your anger it will cure.
I will for you pray, night and day.
The word I offer is prayer, will you join me and stay?
Let’s pray…

Between want and need kneeling I’ve returned
Demands on this heart are great
Seeking wants for her sake
Asking forgiveness I’ve not earned
I thank you
Wildfires next infusion grows near
With it her anxiety shows
In her words her wants and fears
Not so strong as before still seeing her through these tears
Greater for her faith in you
Less me for my failings do
Doing what she will allow
Hearing your wants for us now
Healing comes a prayer at a time
Needs fulfilled like a passing rhyme
Bouncing between need and deed
Thanking you for each pain of faiths seed
Still kneeling we return
Seeking your peace for which we yearn
I thank you
Power to build
Power to destroy
Your words fallow fields till
Faith in peace from seeded rows we enjoy
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Roaring darkness returns me to you
Thudding realities crashing in this night
Surrounding this tremoring soul
Shuttered between deepening shadows
Pained by her fright
Relief in a single light
Stronger with her words
Growing in my sight
Shedding fears impending doom
Pealing damp muster curtains of fear
Exposing hope in this room
I thank you
Bereft of understanding
Belittled by this ignoble plight
Fighting along side my wife
Another relative has found
Cancers evil sound
Wildfire soon their veins to fill
Giving another lover life’s angry chill
Crystal pinnings beneath this heart
Growing weaker with wildfires start
Losses and winnings
All the same
Life is an immortals game
Chess pieces in a universal game
Putting loves lessons to shame
I thank you
For this passion we share
Here for each other
Family and friends to care
Swing swiftly through this
Darkened cell
Release frustrations from a heart so frail
Grow the hope in love so blind
Each moment faith grows
From a chemo’d mind
Wildfires course is laid
Fringed along cancers unholy gains
Rending flesh
Pain it rains
I thank you
For the life wildfire gains
Saving my love
And those for whom I care
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Grappling among briars I return
Snared in unending trials
Glaring at frustrations crown
I fall down
Now prostrate before
Before this throne
Only blessings
Tempered by these tribulations
Ravaged by self doubt
I thank you
Gathering storms fearfully approaching
Still standing
With you as my shield
Becoming the man I should be
Pushed to the limits by her pain
Tears crash over emotions
Fear fades before her pain
We gain
Gain momentous faith
It’s blessings flow
Wanting to know
When finished
Will she regrow
Not just lovely locks
But selves teams banners
Eyes ever smiling
Lips filled with your praise
One day
I thank you
Questioning your reason
Questioning her suffering
Questions are not wrong
I thank you
Regardless her losses
She no we
Will carry on
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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