First a few notes

first a few notes slip in between thoughts simple tempered rhythms fingered on memories strings Today’s cadence sweeps on four beats of yesterday Four more swings and its tomorrow’s first bar Lower fifth swimming in a treble clef And wants shuffle across times sawdust laden floor Humming between desires edgy refrain Whistling up joy with […]

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Victory acknowledged

Fingers of one hand gently pull the pink knit cap from pale hairless head. Still holding the cap in one hand these warm fingers reach across her tender head. Tracing each slight dimple and rounded edge. Each movement raising goose bumps on the chilled scalp. Leaning over, lips pursed a long kiss holds to her […]

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Hello unwelcome winds

Hello Unwelcome winds ushering my return to you Buffeted by chaos’ calm Forging still through life’s storms With loves shield unyielding I thank you Finding her smile in the tremors of battle Hearing her song in hurts wicked chorus Seeing her stand as cancers cyclones spin Understanding your will she accepts as faiths drill I […]

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her touch

her touch fills this heart warming nights chill giving me this thrill her words fills this heart with wanting still giving me this thrill Her laugh fills this heart with joy still giving me this thrill Her walk Fills this heart with excitement still giving me this thrill WAM

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Hello, fasting for clarity

Hello fasting for clarity i return to you under your watchful eyes your blessing illuminating the skies watching my love healing it’s true i thank you Never before seeing such glory Witnessing your will in life after life Knowing we are here to tell your story Praising your name day and night I thank you […]

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