Kneeling now I seek the words
Sifting thoughts and prayers I feel
A peace which fills this hurting heart
For a brother father with a bad start
Misunderstood before us he began
Faulty desires unwieldy his demise
Now in prayer for those left asking why
In need of peace in hopeless tears
Forgetting your love
Your cross bled pains
Unable or unwilling here they stand
Serving not your hope in faith to lead
In prayer here kneeling I’ll remain
Till you return or peace fills their hearts
I thank you for the soft kneeling spot
This prayers far longer than I thought

You gave it away
One day
Standing before all
You gave that call
Leaving none for us
You took from each
You gave it all away
Leaving sorrow
Pain and anger
Wresting relief from us
Leaving none to trust
Who gives you the right
To on a day
Take your life
Yet you made another kill
Your flesh
Your spirit
Our will
You gave it all away
Who gave you this day
Did you ask
Before you took
Reading hope
In a well read book
You gave it all away
Making uniformed uninformed
Take you away
Forever with out
With out explanation
You gave it all away

Bearing this burden I return
Not alone
My heart your home
Days piling on
Earthly pangs
My own wants
In which I’m mired
I thank you
Heavy grows this heart
Beating for others
Thumping call
For all I love
Greater your burin is
Than mine could ever be
Still for you
This weight is carried you see
Wanting what I cannot give
Praying for these
To forever live
Crying for each
Till the heavenly end
I thank you
For this night of rest
For giving me your very
I thank you for healing hurts
Trading anger for peace to start
Faith is not a lost art
For in these I can see
My Lords love
For all and
I thank you
Oh and Amen

Sifting flesh over angry bones
Evil walks this earth alone
Casting wide a wicked glare
Snatching souls from those who dare
To stare upon the unholy form
Desiring hearts from living torn
Willingly led now untimely dead
Rattling breath on moonless nights
Avert your eyes lest fear claim your sight
Soulless taunts as evil walks
Hell claims the hearts it stalks
Whispered prayers divert the plan
That seeks every living man
Whispered prayers

Answered prayers return me
Return me to my knees
Humbled by you majesty
Seeing your peace fill an angry heart
Turn grieving into hope
Turn suffering
Turn it into laughter
So simple is the request
So astounding your answer
I thank you
Knowing nothing
Hoping for everything
Your grace
Is sufficient
Tired grows my love
As #wildfire fills her frame
Turning cancer away
You answer prayers for strength
Even the tiniest bit
I see
She feels
We know you are her reason
Reason fir fighting
Reason for loving
Reason for living
I thank you
This war will take time
Terrorist cells
Invading her sweet form
Special units calling
Initiating #wildfire
Scorching each den of death
I thank you
For those still waiting
Keep praying
For you Lord
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Thanks for talking to me again
You know the situation
You know the needs
And you know the wants
Thank you
This armor you provide
Takes the hits really well
The heart inside
Is heavy with this latest deal
Abe and Mom
They really need your help
I’ve got my love
Thanks to you
But these two
The need some special love
A brother
Who’s with you now
Left the family
In a hurting way
You know what they need
I ask for the peace
The hope
The wisdom
To help
For them
To help each other
And our extended family
You know my simple wish
Healing for my love
Now healing for hurting
I thank you
For your time
Keep my family
And in line
Thank you for the #wildfire
Now scorching cancers hide
As she tires
And sometimes cries
She fights on
Regardless the challenge
Thank you for her
And her love of you
I thank you
For bringing Mom-Kelso back to better
Better health
but most of all
I thank you for these challenges
Our faith
Loving us
For caring so much
Oh, and amen


Hey, it’s me again
Seems like we never stop talking
I get your point
Do ya have to make me cry
Seems she suffers
I cry
Thought men didn’t cry
Guess it’s the frustration
I seem to take back
Everything I give you
Forgive me
You you I thank
With every fiber of my being
For her
For her love
For your love
Watching her
Quietly accepting the #wildfire
Into her body
Knowing it will singe
Every cell
Release her hair
Defeat her appetite
Make it hard to go on
Sitting there
She talked with other cancer survivors
She shared optimism about
About her own fight
There it goes again
Dang it
Can’t seem to avoid Em
These waterworks
I thank you
She is my rock
You are our salvation
Through you
Everything is possible
I know
We will make it through
Just wish
Just pray
It is me
Me that takes the #wildfire
Me that looses my hair
Me that suffers
Why do the good suffer
Should I not be the one
Never been a saint
But I know
You have a plan
And I’m your man
Just please
Don’t make me cry so much
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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