Peace pushes me kneeling to you
Bound in your glorious embrace
My love
At peace with her hurts
At peace with her world
Ready for wildfires return
I thank you
She returns to you
Seeking your will
Receiving your peace
So great
It fills us with hope
Glowing like a woman filled with new life
In her exhaustion smiles
Eyes reflecting faiths strength
Offering hope for others
Praying for those
Who persecute her
Knowing this step is right
For the peace which
Fills her wonderful heart
Feeling it as well
This physical form
Only takes so much
Before in tears it shudders
To a stop
Lifting you up
Her hopes and hurts
Friends needs
Yes those who would
See her gone
She first
Then I ask for your peace
For each
And ourselves
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Yep me again
Each gathering
Then ripped
At the seams
Welcoming your hope
Welcoming for love
Welcoming your will
I thank you
For the time with her
The words with her
The strength in her
Your words on her lips
Your peace in her heart
Your love in her eyes
I thank you
Stepping away from
From others angry lives
From Deceitful actions
From stabbing Words
I thank you
For where she began
For her next steps
For her
For being her
And you
For you
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Hopeful and willing I’ve returned
Near to her heart
Here is where I start
Seeking your will
With nights welcome chill
Settling beside my love
Listening this sleepIng
Cooing dove
Pained and battered
Her will tattered
Not broken
But for hopes token
I thank you
Seared with wildfires strokes
Her form tender
Sore from this war
Each battle a new scar
Though often unseated
She shows us her strength
From your love it seeps
I thank you
As we through this grow
Our love for you
Each other
And others
We willingly show
I thank you
Oh, and amen

First ring tones out frustrations refrain…
Each word which follows reverberates with the chorus…
Ageless anger rending faiths desires to another’s two four time…
Forced to endure a cadence hearts shudder with evils rhyme….
Four beating moments beating against frustrations two pains…
Single tears flowing in four measures of hope four times better to cope…
Loves longing embrace wrapped in trebles ringing trace…
Tracing soulful haunts where hurting hearts once gathered…
Strumming frets soon peace begets as hope pounds frustrations around…
Pampered tones of well timed tunes denying angers beginning…
Start with hopes sound and peace from your faith will abound…
Making a joyful sound…

Sins anger returns my kneeling form
Anger at wrongs unchecked
Angry desires to right the wrongs
Sins of hate and frustration abound
Cancer from without
Cancer within
In the hearts of those
Who call her friend
Now here Pray I
Peace Her surrounds
Hurting in form
Challenged at heart
Bleeding soul
For a friendless part
Part of her dies
With those who will not try
To accept love
For what
Love is
I thank you
For on my lips
For these prayers
We offer for those
Who see only
Self pity and loathing
Causing my heart to sin
Lusting for angers sake
Defending her honor
I thank you
For this peace
Which inside me wells
Wells from the spirit
Born in your words
That fill her lips
With prayers
For those who pain fling
HurtIng her now
I thank you
For their anger
Shows me how
How to release
This sin from within
This pressure she feels
How to care for those
In whom so much anger dwells
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Tempting tears return me to you
Fearing each drop
Trailing anguish
Over tired red cheeks
Kneeling at this bed
Seeking understanding
Seeing your healing
In each of her hurts
I thank you
In my weakness
Emotionally drained
Willing and accepting
I thank you
Better is her spirit
Stronger her will
Still watching her
Learning about myself
Learning about you
I thank you
Oh, and amen

Grazing realities well woven fabric fear reveals complacencies flaws.
Single strands threading though times understandings relent under passionless laws.
Splayed by frantic inaction frustration enshroudIng hopes vestiges for histories fangs.
Remade under guise of competency parasitic wants pervade peace’s democracy.
Where deceit of incompetency reigns illicit verbiage rhetorically claims truth.
Fact unwielded in societal structure supplicates anguish rather than renewal.
Visions of future unfathomable burst Republican ideals with socialist wills.
Stepping into the languishing breach one divides anarchies cries.
Faith refound renews where hope remains as humanity outlives its shame.
You for who he came know not his eternal name.
I wield his promise in a sons heart grown from trials I start.
Grazing realities well woven fabrics each threat about love twisted.
Here to remain.


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