Mindless moments in a digital world
Reflecting ones when only zeros return
Bits bytes and packets before
Nothing for memory flash and floppy too store
Screen grabs attention to blogs
Baud rates none as four G are galore
Flip tabs untangling data encrypted from the right
Fighting viruses phishing my mail
Mindless moments in a digital world
What terabytes tomorrow hove we in store

Catching a moment with you
Calling from nights rest
Thanking you for this test
Faith is cold
Without challenge
Without reason to hold
Faith us just a word
A noun
Seldom a verb
Now with this calling
Pains and all
We know your help is here
Here in these hearts
And being tried
I thank you
Moving through our veins
Charging through our lungs
Clambering from our minds
Small minded people
They will never know
The glory that comes
From faiths challenge
Holding hearts in pain
Seeing hope in the storms rain
Wrapped in peaceful
Peaceful understanding
That all things
All things are possible
Through our lord
Through you
I thank you
For this challenge
For allowing us
Under your grace
In such faith
Bathed with hope
I thank you
We thank you
Oh and amen

Smiling as she laughs I’ve returned
Back to share
To seek
To praise
Longing for more
More days like this
Home she’s found
Calling out humors
What a gracious sound
She astounds
Pains not masked
Today’s its out laughed
I thank you
More times I ask
Seeking more
Seeing her smile
Seeking a repetitious nature
Eyes smile with tales
Shimmering with each story
Hope in all it’s glory
Knowing futures goals
Mean deadening nauseous rolls
Willing to accept
She takes the next step
Calls for cancers battle
Never her faith rattles
I thank you
For a strength gained
Gained in prayer
I know
Watching others marvel
Yes marvel and stare
She knows my prayers
And those who care
Almost as if
If she like you
Hears each one
I thank you
Kneeling in humble spirit
Dripping prayer perspiration
Seeking you inspiration
For this love
My best friend
Fighting cancer
Here in her
Her heart strong
Beats your glorious cadence
Ringing out life’s base
Trembling from victories treble
Nothing terrible
Nothing will
Ever take your love away
From her
Or me
I thank you
Oh and amen

Returning to our conversation
Simple needs for her
A day with less hair
Nearing its loss
We took our own steps
Follicle reduction
Before a chemical fracas
Helping her better the day
Beating what weighs on her heart
Beating it from the start
Sweetly she smiles
Others sharing her style
When it has passed
Carry this style
It will last
Simple are her needs
Distorted by a cancer needing
Needing her focus
Taking her strength
Stronger though us she
Growing every day
Kneeling here
Deeply grow prayers impressions
Returning often for her
For me
Others who need
Need your strength as well
I can tell
Many are these
Feeling cancers pain
Even though
Though it’s not found them out
Still they shout for her
For me
For themselves
Prayers of peace
Needing a cry
Never giving up
Never say yes
To cancer getting the best
I thank you
She is so string
As our Heavenly Father
Reflecting his will
All along
What measure of madness
What furrow of pain
Can take what we’ve gained
Thank you
I thank you for her
For these at your feet
I thank you
Humbly kneeling
I thank you
Oh and amen

Standing sign in hand
Calling sins of other men
Chanting hurts
Showing signs
What battle are you in
Fighting right
Fighting this night
The right battle are you in
Saving lives
Saving souls
Giving hope to those here in
Standing sign in hand
Calling sins of other men
Chanting hurts
Showing signs
What battle are you in
Can you stand
For the son of man
Will you share
His glorious plan
What battle are you in
Will you stand
With his love in hand
What battle are you in
Waging loves battle
Sharing loves victory
Losing focus
Small battles fighting
Standing sign in hand
Calling sins of other men
Chanting hurts
Showing signs
What battle are you in
What battle are you in
There is only one
To win

Tempting taunts of nights visions day brought
Once in throws anxieties release sought
Grasping at life while furtively to night bound
Around and around in images in drowned
Rummaging about slumbers attic cares abound
Ragged beset by unhinged frustrations in night they hound
Hounding till from all in flight I climb
Climbing till my perch lofty yields to earths touch
Wrestles as days light releases a weary mind
Minds traps and treasures reminding a soul
Souls know not the living purgatory in which we grow
Growing only as fed by nights subsisting dread
Dreading till from this bed on wooded floors I stand
Stand trembling in heart at reality’s beat in my waking head
Yearning for slumbers enriching embrace
Stumbling through day remembering nights race
Racing back seeking new hole I find
Find this bed bereft of dread
Here returning sleep deprived
Unafraid climbing into nights grave
Digging coverlets into a lid
Dressed in dreams best
Let’s slumbers race begin
Here again

Calling again, tonight
Ringing tones of thank you’s
From this heart
Roaring wants crashing
Crashing through this gorge of needs
Sifting hopes with faiths waters
Till grace sweeps
Sweeps anxieties away
She fears not
futures revelations
Only pains moments
I thank you
Her strength carries me
As yours fills my heart
Eyes filling mine
With wonder
With wisdom
With peace
Through hers
Yours I see
See a will
Stronger than all pain
That body fields
Hers is your will
Ours is yours
Into your hands
Our fears
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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